Exceptional service is one of our core values at 澳洲选五历史开奖记录 that we live and work by.

Below are some words from past clients talking about their experience with Acacia.

Hi Nicole

I hope that you're well. This is Veronica, Dancris' wife. I would like to personally thank you for the good news last Monday! It was such a wonderful surprise and a special gift to our family in time of the Christmas and New Year's season.

Thank you to your team at 澳洲选五历史开奖记录 Services, from Mark (who have left but has been our first point of contact), to Lily who was so helpful with us through out our Post Grad Visa, and to you and Grace who has been so efficient on working with us towards our Permanent Residency. We will send Grace a personal email to say our thanks too.

Also, we will keep in touch in the future in relation to obtaining Australian citizenship.

Gloria Family

Dear Nicole

This is the truth we are feeling about Acacia. We cannot be grateful enough that my case has been transferred to Acacia's team. I truly believe that I wouldn't be here without your team's effort. Grace was so wonderful all the way, and you know what? She never lost her patience with me when I was constantly asking for her advice. I never felt as a "burden", It was easy to talk to her and understand the process. Such a relief indeed to have somebody who is kind to understand you, but fast and professional when dealing with your case. And last but not least; when Grace took over my immigration case, from the first moment I felt that I am in good hands. I knew that I am on the good way to get my visa. I was able to sleep in peace and I got my trust back.

These are not just words. If I could paint my feelings out from my heart....that would be awesome colors to be seen.

Kindest regards to everyone in Acacia. Surely, you all must be aware how big difference you are and make in people's life. You are the HOPE for so many people and family in need. Please keep up your awesome work, with that smart and empathetic way as you do. The world needs you.

I believe that also Acacia is one in a million. Excellent value of money, you get more than you had payed for. Your team does care about people, your clients are not just a "case". And that is a big difference on this world.

Thank you all,

Julia, Anna and Gus

Hi Nicole

You may not remember, but you helped me get a positive skill assessment recently. I got my PR today and I wanted to thank you for all your help. I consulted few migration agents before I came to you and none were nearly as good.

Thanks heaps for everything.


Good Morning Natalya

I trust everything is going well.

Just really want to let you know that on Tuesday 19 of November this year we received our Citizenship Certificates.

Such a long awaited moment has finally happened. We would never be there if not your help and support during all these years.

I just realised that our first contact occurred in early June 2012.

More than 7 years you have been next to us, protecting and supporting us. You are now a part of our new life.

I wish you all the very best.

Warm regards

Dmitry and Elena

Hello Lily,

I hope you are well.

Just letting you know that we received our invitation letter for citizenship ceremony last week.

I want to thank you for your help to make this happen. Acacia have been part of my journey from being an international student and soon to be an Australian Citizen.

Send my warmest and deepest thanks to Mark Webster. I could never forget him, his expertise and knowledge was superb.

Me and my family are so grateful to you and to your team. You are really commendable and amazing.


Remy and family

Hi Nicole,

I still can't believe it, even after reading it with my own eyes! :)

Thank you for your expert advice that undoubtedly contributed to this successful outcome.

Thanks, Lyn

Good Morning Lily,

Thank you very much for the good news. I am delighted! I really appreciate the quality service provided by Acacia. I am one of the many happy clients and I will definitely seek assistance in future.

Thank you once again


485 Graduate Visa

Five stars is not enough, Grace has been fantastic with her assistance to date, true professional that cares, has gone above and beyond numerous times.

Thanks for all your help.


Student Visa

Hi Nicole,

Just to let you know that I had my citizenship ceremony last night, and you are the first person I would like to thank : )




Hi Lily,

Logan and I would like to thank you for helping us with the process of obtaining our visas from PR to Citizenship.

You've been very patient and helpful and you made it easy for us.

We'll surely use your service again when needed in the future.

Thank you again Lily!

Kind regards,

Logan and Christine


Good morning Natalya

I trust everything is going very well.

Just want to let you know that our Citizenship interviews and tests went very well. We both answered all questions correctly.

It would never have happened if not your help and support during all these years. I am really grateful for everything you have done for my family.

I wish you all the best.

Warm regards



Hi Natalya

Having contacted you all the way back in 2018 we set about finding the right type of path to a visa in Australia. I can happily say I am now living and working in Melbourne on a 482 Visa. My wife and children will join in 4 weeks.

Thanks for your direction at the beginning of this process that enabled us to make good decisions and realise our ambition.



482 TSS

I believe, that without the ACACIA Team, and You (Grace), I would not be sitting here in joyful tears. Last year, on those dark days of our life, Acacia shone through the dark clouds, and showed us the way out from our miseries, troubles, mistakes that were made around me and my husband. When You took over our difficult and complex case, I instantly sensed that we are on the right way. You were there for me no matter when and how I contacted you; in despair, with lots of questions, time was not a concern for you. You organized everything so smoothly (for me looked smooth, but I believe behind the scenes there was a lot of problem solving work I could not see, only the results...).

Our case was treated with the highest professionalism; Acacia does know what and when to do in the perfect time. No delays, no mistakes, no impatience. Dignity and empathy towards us was such comforting. And the result!!!! That verified everything. Well Done Grace!

Big and grateful Thank to You Grace, and Thank You Acacia.

Kind regards,

Julia B



Thank you very much for all the support extended to me. Your support and instructions were great during the process and you directed till to the last without giving me any pressure in a friendly manner. Thanks again for supporting us to make it true.

Thank you very very much.

Kind regards,


189 GSM

Hi Lily,

Thanks for the good news, sounds like a delightful birthday present to me from Immigration :p

Massive thanks for all your support during this application!

Kind regards,


485 Graduate

Thanks for your call earlier (Grace). I feel I still do not believe the news, I'm processing it, it's been such a long journey! Thank you kindly again along the rest of the team.


GSM Visa

I was advised by a dear friend of mine to visit Nicole because he had a great experience with her. Now I can say the same. The work was organised, straight to the point and clear as water. It was easy for me to navigate through the paperwork and get things done. Thanks to Nicole I can stay for a while in Australia and keep learning and working in my career.

Thank you so much!


485 Graduate Visa


It was a great news. Thank you so much for all the support that Acacia have provided for the processing of this application. My partner and I are really happy for this outcome.

Thanks once again for everything.


Partner Visa

Hi Nicole,

Thank you so much for all the help in the past. As I've continuously told Mark Webster that you guys have been amazing throughout the years and I will continue to refer more and more people to Acacia along with giving you guys an incredible review. Appreciate all your help.



GSM and then Partner Visa

Hi Nicole,

Thank you so much for your help for processing my visa.

We are really happy. At last I got my PR.

All of your hard works finally bring success.


Partner Visa

Hello Grace,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your support, advice and service. It definitely was a long journey, but worth every bit.

I wish you all the best wishes and I will definitely go back to Acacia for professional service and advice again in the future and would recommend my friends to do so.

A Happy Client

Lily - That is amazing news! You guys are miracle-workers! Thank you so much for all your help, I am speechless!

Jonathan G



This is great news!!! First of all, I want to thank you sincerely, your help and professionalism have been amazing. I also appreciate that you handle my despair moments well, it has been such a process.


489 Skilled Regional


Once again i'd like to mention that the level of expertise and delegation your team offer to clients is highly appreciated.

Omid A

GSM - 189 visa

Hi Grace,

That's amazing news!! Sorry I missed your call earlier.

Thanks a lot for all your efforts during the last year. We doubted to get this all done through an agent because of the costs, but it's been 100% worth it all and we would definitely recommend you guys for taking away all the effort.

All the best.


S and J

461 NZ Family Relationship

Dear Grace,

Thank you very much for your help in bringing my dream to reality! I was waiting for this for 4 years!

Thank you also for giving this additional information. I will of course look into becoming a citizen.

Best regards,



Dear Grace,

Once again please accept my sincere thanks and deep appreciation for your invaluable help and wonderful job. This is the best Christmas gift I could receive!

I will come back to you to sort out my PR, also will confidently recommend Acacia to anyone seeking similar advice....

Wish you a Merry Christmas in advance.

Kind Regards,


485 Post Study Work Visa

Hi Nicole,

Thank you.

Thanks as well for your support, calmness and the focus you bring to the job. I believe your other clients will appreciate these characteristics too. Thank you.



How likely is it that you would recommend Acacia to a friend or relative? Extremely likely - 10/10! I had a clear and informative call with Ami and was very happy to have been directed to the next steps.

Mr Adams

Seeking advice on migration pathways

Hi Josie

Thank you for the great news, ACACIA always helped with all my visas and I recommend you guys to all my friends who asked to me about immigration lawyers....

Thank you again

Mr Lichti

Australian Citizenship

Hi Josie,

Thanks a lot for your prompt response. It's a great news. I really appreciate. Please say thanks to Lily and the team on my behalf. You guys were wonderful throughout the journey.



GSM permanent residence

Hi Lily

Thanks for the great news. Really a big relief and all our hard work did eventually pay off. I would like to thank you for your advise and support throughout the application and waiting process, really appreciate it....Thanks to you and Acacia!

Kind Regards


GSM permanent residence

Dear Nicole,

Much much appreciated for everything you and the team did for me, I couldn't make it without you : )

Thank you,

Warm regards,


485 Graduate Work

Hi Nicole

We are very very happy. Thank you so much for all your hard work and support.

It means a lot to us.

Negin and Miles

GSM permanent residence

Hi Nicole,

Thank you so much for your guidance and support for last one and half year. It would be really difficult to get this PR without your support.

I wanted to express my gratitude to you.

Thanks again and take care.



GSM permanent residence

I first made my consultation with Acacia when I was still on a student visa and was unsure of what step to take next, since I wanted to become a Permanent Resident after I finish my studies here in Australia. From then on, after my consultation with them, I was enlightened and was given what my options were and some action plans.

From my journey as an International Student, to attaining my 485 Visa and undergoing the Job Ready Program, up until I finally got my PR, Acacia has always been precise and very approachable during the whole process.

Thank you very much to Ms. Grace Floramo, my Immigration Consultant for being so organized and meticulous. She made sure that all my documents were spotless before lodging my family's PR application, which has given me peace of mind and made the whole process smooth sailing.

Choosing Acacia is one of the best decision I have ever made


GSM permanent residence

Exciting News!

Oh my God! Thanks for informing me of this wonderful news and going out of your way to even call me!

Sorry, I was in a meeting so I couldn't answer your call but truly, I can't thank you enough for all the effort you have put into this!

With utmost appreciation,

Looking forward for the Dream with Acacia!

Dear Nicole,

I'm so happy that my application was successfully approved with your amazing support Nicole.

Your valuable efforts, time and precise advice's made it possible in very short time (in just 45 days ).

I'm thankful for your fabulous work in getting my 485 visa. In fact i'm still really grateful for resolving my complex previous visa condition.

My sense was true with Acacia, you have done great job guys. Many thanks for you Mr. Mark Webster, and Gunjan and for all of Acacia professional and kind members.

Looking forward and working towards my PR Dream with Acacia.

Warm Regards,

Very Good Victory

Hi Nicole,

I just wanted to say thank you for the work you've done towards my application.

I approached 澳洲选五历史开奖记录 very late into my visa enquiry, and there were several hurdles that needed to be crossed before making my stay in Australia official.

What I most appreciated about my case manager, Nicole, was her no nonsense attitude. When dealing with the legalities of immigration, there is no place for optimism and hope. So it is of paramount importance to have somebody who knows the intricacies of the law, and the gumption to deliver it you unabashedly.

There was a lot of nail biting which went on during the process, but having come out of it, I'll say I'm very fortunate to have had Nicole manage my case. I'm sure she'd agree that it was always touch and go with me, but hope she can claim this one as a very good victory.


Filled with Joy at the News

Dear Nicole and Mark,

I wish to thank you deeply for all the support you granted us those past 20 months.

Some steps were very difficult for us and you helped us to calm down our stress and go forward with the application with great kindness and professionalism.

We have been waiting this moment for 7 years and are filled with joy with this news which will stay one of the most memorable in our lives. Nozomi called me at work with cries of happiness.

You can be sure that we will recommend your services and that we will not hesitate to get back to you for our future application that will be the Australian citizenship.

Nozomi and Cedric H

I have no words to explain how happy I am today

Ms Natalya,

Hope you are well.

I'm Kalhari and I was on a bridging visa since 2015 for a 457 visa refusal with another migration agent. I was on a very hard time for more than 2 years.

I got few consultations from you last year and you have given me the best option for me to apply for a Tasmanian 489 visa.

So I have applied for EOI on mid April through Acacia immigration and my agent was Ms Gunjan Mullick. Today I got my 489 grant notice.

I have no words to explain how happy I am today. It took less than 5 months for the whole process.All that is because of Ms.Gunjan Mullick and you Ms Natalya.

I highly appreciate Acacia immigration members for the valuable work you guys have done for me for a reasonable cost.

I highly recommend 澳洲选五历史开奖记录.

Thanks and Best Regards,

K. S.

Tireless Effort

Hello Gunjan,

This is such wonderful news, glory be to God.

I need to stop smiling now before guys here in the office start wondering what is up with me. My many many thanks to you Gunjan for the tireless effort towards this visa,may God bless you and your family eternally.You have been so great. Many thanks also to the whole Acacia fraternity especially Natalya, please pass my regards to them.

Thanks again, it has been a long prayer journey.

warm regards


Thank you for the Great News!

Hi Lily,

Thank you for the great news. We are definitely very satisfied with Acacia and you services personally.

Rest assured that we will get in contact with 澳洲选五历史开奖记录 Services again very soon to start our road to Permanent Residency.

Thank you again Lily for all your assistance on getting our Visa 485. All the best.

Kind regards,


Results Without Hassles

Hi Lily,

Thank you for your email and good news. I cannot believe that it was approved so soon without hassles. A million thanks to you and the whole Acacia team. You guys help us from the very beginning .

Thank you again and more powers to you and the team.

Edilyn and family

Navigating Ever Changing Immigration Regulations

I would like to thank Mr Mark Webster and all the wonderful people at Acacia, especially my case manager, Ms Gunjan Mullick for their professional support.

For sure, without Mark's careful consultation and Gunjan's concentrated support, obtaining the Australian Permanent Residency could have been a very very challenging journey for me.

With the ever changing immigration regulations within Australia, Acacia's professional support made this Permanent Residency journey conclude successfully for me.

Many Thanks to Mark and Gunjan. I wish you all the Best. Regards, Arezou

Thanks Again. Wish you happy days and years ahead.

Best Regards


You Just Made My Day!

Hi Lily

You just made my day!

Thank you so much for all of your advise and assistance.

Wish you a lovely evening and if I need any assistance in the future you will definitely hear from me.


Supportive and Understanding

Thank you so very much for everything and for being so supportive and understanding throughout the whole process.

Thank you 澳洲选五历史开奖记录 for guiding us throughout the whole process for myself and my husband's Permanent Residency pathway. It genuinely wouldn't have been possible without your consistent help and advice.

And a special thank you to Lily our Case Manager. She is very patient and took utmost care and cleared all our doubts and answered all our questions with a smile on her face!

I will definitely recommend Acacia to everyone I know!


Kind and Amazing Support

Dear Nicole,

BIG THANKS for your hard work and effort, I can't describe my words for your kind help. I'm really grateful for the kind and amazing support from your side :'))))) .

I'm happy that I took my decision to go with Acacia in my hard time. Many thanks for Mr. Mark Webster and Acacia staff members.

Once again many thanks :))))


Take the Risk and Guess Work out of the Process

I don't think I would have a PR visa were it not for Acacia.

Knowing what visa options were worth pursuing and getting navigated through the process by people who know exactly how to prepare every element takes the risk and guess work out of it.

And the added bonus - I got to deal with Nicole, she cared as much about a successful application as me, and was as enthusiastic!


Fast Processing for Urgent Business Requirements

Dear Michelle,

I was so happy when receiving your notification.

I still couldn't believe the fact that my 457 visa was granted 1 working day after the medical exam was done and overall it just took 5 weeks after the lodgement of the appliation.

This is amazing.This satisifies me and my employer mostly for the urgent business need.

Your efficiency and professionalism impressed me really.

I want to personally meet and thank you when I arrives over there , Michelle and Acacia!

Hope my following 186 case will go as smoothly and fast as this time.

Thanks and Best Regards!!!!!


No Headaches

Hello Nicole,

A BIG Thanks to you Nicole and sorry for late reply. Yes, I got the good news and I am absolutely delighted.

Thank you very much for all your efforts and to help out throughout this process. You will be glad to know that, recently I got a job in an Event Management company and since the March, I was extensively busy with those new changes of my life and I forgot to make a reply and I am really sorry for that.

I really want to come to your office and say thanks to you. If it don't bothers you, can you please provide me a specific time (preferably in the morning) so that I can meet you once again and say thanks to you. Since I contacted you, I believe you took the entire responsibility of my visa process and I never had to take any headache regarding my visa.

Thanks Nicole for tolerating all my frustration and giving me all your time and support during my visa process. Hope to see you soon.

Best wishes

Vast Knowledge and Insight

Hi Nicole,

Thank you for the email, great news indeed, we are both very pleased to hear it. We have been travelling all around China, so signal hasn't been optimal in some areas, just heard your voice mail.

We are boarding the plane to go to my home city soon, I'll get back to you regarding next steps in the coming days.

Thanks again for the impeccable and professional service, I will definitely leave a positive testimonial at your desired link (if you have one). If not, you can use the following paragraph and feature us on your site:

"From the onset of our first consultation, we were impressed by the approachability and vast knowledge and insight Nicole presented us. As we have a rather complicated case, we had been consulting with a number of other immigration agents beforehand. Nicole's experience and initial impression won us over and I'm proud to say it's the best choice we could have ever made in terms of immigration consultation.

Throughout the following up consultations and execution, Acacia and Nicole were prompt, professional, and proactive, three big Ps that a lot of other agents are lacking. After a long and stressful waiting period we finally achieved our desired outcome. We would highly recommend Acacia and Nicole to anyone seeking help and advice in their immigration journey.

Ethan and Vinci

One more Step in the Journey

Hi Nicole

I want to say thanks once again - for words cannot express my feelings, nor my thanks for all your help.

I know the journey is not over but this is a step forward. We will discuss the which option will be best for me.


Faster than Expected

Dear Gunjan!!!

I am so happy when receiving this information. This means that I am now Australia Permanent Resident, right (I just want to make sure as i don't believe it is so soon, I guessed it should take 2 or 3 months).

Thank you so much Gunjan and Acacia!

Thanks and Best Regards!!!!!


The Journey to PR

Dear Gunjan,

I would like to thank you for all the hard work and support you provided me in this journey and helping me get my PR.

I will definitely recommend you to all my friends.

Thanks again,

Achieving the Impossible

"Acacia was able to get me something I deemed impossible: my Australian residence visa. They can deal with any hurdle coming your way in a highly creative manner."
- Dolores Turro

Rapid Turnaround

"Following approval of an internal transfer to our Australian office, Acacia made sure that my visa application was processed within several weeks. The team was very helpful with any questions I had and contacted me on a regular basis regarding visa-related updates, even happy to help several months after my visa had been approved and issued."
- Helen Schindler

When it's Complex, we Make it Happen

"Thanks to you and your team for the tremendous service and consultancy you gave us with immigration advice during our office setup in Australia. By completely understanding our needs and legal requirements you made the complex process simple for us."
- Murali Babu

Dear Nicole,

Thanks so much for your support and professional services with my application.

I know my case was not simple as it had special circumstances due to changing school and my health issues. The final outcome of my application was successful because Acacia experience in this matter allowed you to handle my case to best standards and full filled my expectations.

I will be in touch with you when I feel ready to add my son to my 485 visa.

Have a lovely week.


Cristina G
485 Visa

Whoever has gone through the process of visa application in Australia would agree to the complexity of the processes involved and also the pressure of staying compliant with the immigration policies and laws. I decided to go thought this by getting the right advice from 澳洲选五历史开奖记录, and I could not be happier with the professional service and support that I received to achieve the desirable outcome. I would strongly recommend Acacia for immigration advise for their fair fee, professionalism, and support throughout the process


189 Visa

Dear Mark,

Thank you for all your help with obtaining a permanent residency for me and my family.

This is one of the best days in my life journey and thank you for being part of it. Your skills and professionalism undoubtedly helped this process to go smooth and successful.

I wish you best of luck as well in your profession and will be please to work with you again if I will have a need for it.

Thank you to Acacia Migration as well for your service.


190 Visa

Hi Mark and Acacia,

Thank you very much for assisting in this visa.

You guys are very professional and the one anybody can trust for visa services.

I was assisted for my Temporary Visa by you in the past and I was very happy at that time too and this time is also very happy.

Acacia is excellent in all aspects but the most thing I liked is the caring for me as a client. No matter what query and how many times, you replied my emails and answered calls and voice massages and tried to help me in each and every things. That is amazing!! I am so glad that somebody like you guys are there to help us in a visa case and we can trust 100%.

I will come again, am recommending people and will continue to do so in the future as well. Thank you Acacia and Mark Abalos from my heart again for your kind assistant.


Skilled Regional Sponsored (subclass 489)

My friends recommended to me Acacia like one of the best immigration company in Sydney, I'll be also recommended your company like one of the best in Sydney.


Many thanks to you and your team for helping me to get an Australian permanent visa.

Robin Perumtalli

First I thank the Lord for leading me to your office, it's not an accident but God's will for me to know you and have my application lodged by you. It was really amazing. Thanks to you and to whole ACACIA family for helping us with this application. I just remembered how worried I am before about this and you have been so supportive and positive that everything's will be alright. Thank you so much.

To show my gratitude I personally have recommended ACACIA to all my friends who have migration concern.

Again Marianne my sincerest gratitude to all of you. More power. To God be the glory.

ENS (Minister of Religion)

Natalya has excellent knowledge, every time I visited her, I had always been pleasantly surprised with the new information she shared with me


I would like to express my gratitude to ACACIA Immigration Australia for the help, support and positive results regarding my Permanent Visa application. Thank you for your careful assistance, kindness and professionalism, for always being there to answer every single question we had.

Thank you for all the friendly help and for the letting me feel always confident to have made the right choice stepping into your office. It was pleasant working with you, I wish you the best in future cases.

I would strongly recommend your service to anyone for any immigration matters.


We must express our full satisfaction with professional services of the 澳洲选五历史开奖记录 Australia. Thanks to Natalia and Marianne we have obtained a visa, which will certainly help us towards the fulfilment of our dreams in Australia. I am extremely thankful to Marianne, who worked intensively and with passion on our case. I strongly rely on Acacia in my future matters.

Thank you very much for your help!

Nikol C.

Let me take this chance to thank the 澳洲选五历史开奖记录 Team for the great job you did for us. We had a very complicated case and we never thought anybody could assist us to get a visa. Acacia, you proved us wrong. Because of your immigration expertise, we are now proud permanent residents of Australia .Once again, Thank you and Keep up the good work you are doing.

We definitely recommend whoever wants to come to Australia to talk to 澳洲选五历史开奖记录 Team.

A. Birgen and Family.

Natalya, I would like to thank you for all your efforts and advices. I am very happy with your organization, team and service. Your organization is excellent and it was my pleasure to be your client. Thank you again for all of your help and support. Wish you and your company all the best.

Niusha K
Regional Residence Visa

"Natalya is an efficient and well organised individual who provides a variety of clever options for clients with immigration needs.

Professional service at a cost effective price is an important combination and it is refreshing to see Natayla be able to offer this."

Ilona T.
457 visa

"I recommend Natalya for her migration services given her expertise in handling case-by-case situation to better understand the client's need and respective best-suited opportunities. She advised me during the critical phases of migration and helped me in taking some sound decisions."

General Skilled Migration

"I have met Natalya when applying for my Spouse Visa in Sydney, Australia. She is a very friendly, trustworthy person with high skills and knowledge. Natalya could explain to me how the system works and gave me specific solutions in a creative way. Natalya and her team always showed transparency regarding my case until the end.

I can recommend Natalya as a competent Immigration Agent any time.

Keep up your good work and good luck in the future."

Edna S.
820 Partner visa

"On behalf of myself and my family a big thank you for the work you and your team at Acacia have done over the last 18 months in order for us to be granted Permanent Residence. Our application in totality was by no means straight forward, but your ability to adapt strategies to compliment the prevailing circumstances is worthy of commendation. I have therefore no hesitation in recommending Acacia to anyone entering the minefield of immigration to Australia, as without Acacia I would not be here today"

Tony W.

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