Immigration Roadmap

The migration process can be long and complicated if you are unsure of your options, and at Acacia we understand that knowing is half the battle. Unlike other agencies that prefer to leave you in the dark and keep you dependent on them, we choose to empower you by making everything clear right from the start.

Which is why we have developed a unique and personalised service, your Immigration Roadmap. This roadmap is a comprehensive assessment of where you are now and what you need to do to achieve your dream of a new life in Australia.The immigration roadmap which consists of:

  • A detailed assessment of your current situation
  • What your best options for PR or visas are
  • A full costing, including Acacia professional fees, Department of Immigration and other fees.
Your Immigration Roadmap will be provided via email upon completion of a one-on-one consultation, Phone consultation or Skype consultation.

To get your Immigration Roadmap, you can book a consultation via our website.

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